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Perfect Day at Coco Cay


Royal Caribbean wanted share some big news. The cruise ship line was creating "Perfect Day at Coco Cay," an incredible island destination in the Bahamas. Perfect Day would be in a class by itself in the industry, and Royal Caribbean wanted to make sure that travelers knew about it. The only problem? Perfect Day at Coco Cay was still under construction. Our challenge was to create a press event that brought this incredible island to life before it existed, so that media would be excited to share the vision with their audiences.


Relevent designed and executed a one-night press event in New York City that pulled attendees deeper and deeper into the world of Coco Cay with meticulous experience design and innovative uses of emerging technologies.

Guests arrived to the event and were welcomed into a sleek cocktail party environment.

When all were assembled, we cued a five-piece steel drum band to lead guests down a previously hidden hallway.

They soon found themselves in a massive circular room made entirely of LED. Royal Caribbean's CEO and other executives presented the vision for Coco Cay and a variety of other brand initiatives, enveloping guests in the story with the 360-degree screen.

When the presentation ended, guests assumed the night was over. But it was just beginning. A secret door opened revealing yet another surprise: A 10,000-square foot space that immersed guests in Coco Cay.

The space featured re-creations of the islands' key features - over-water cabanas, the thatched-roof "Snack Shack," and the boat-shaped Captain Jack's Bar, with projections of a Bahamian sunset across the walls. Color coded pathways invited them to explore.

As they did, they found ways to go even deeper:

• A "never-been-done" combination of augmented reality and motion tracking allowed guests to use custom iPads to travel through five portals that took them to different parts of Coco Cay.

• A virtual reality recreation of the helium balloon on Coco Cay allowed guests to soar 450 feet above the island and get a birds-eye view.

• An augmented reality application allowed guests to take a selfie while dancing with a dolphin.

The event was a massive success for the brand, resulting in major travel media placements and huge buzz for Perfect Day at Coco Cay.



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