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A Little Sister Brand Grows Up

PINK was a promising young brand living in the shadow of parent company Victoria's Secret. It needed its own brand identity to appeal to a millennial consumer. Building awareness was the initial focus, but that quickly evolved into a need for programs that drove sales. Lift the brand, separate it from the pack, create adorers and turn a few heads. Got it.


The collegiate market was fertile ground to grow the PINK brand. Over a period of five years, we carefully crafted relevant programming that evolved with the brand and the college marketing landscape. We pioneered and executed several successful initiatives (many of which are still active), including the campus rep program featuring brand ambassadors garnering awareness; a mobile tour answering the cult-like demand for PINK products on-campus; seasonal tent-pole events that have become part of the college student's lexicon; and NFL, MLB & NCAA Game Day Tours to align with the diversifying product portfolio. Additionally, we created the PINK Campus Ambassador Intranet connecting over 400 brand ambassadors across 55 campuses with each other and the brand. The internal-facing tool streamlined campus marketing efforts and collects valuable data from the target demographic.

PINK mobile tours have engaged more than 500,000 consumers, while tent-pole event attendance averages 10,000 people. PINK Nation surpassed 4.5 million members in just 4 years. Most importantly, PINK went from being the “little sister” brand of Victoria’s Secret, to an all-grown-up billion-dollar company.



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