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Oreo Dunk Challenge


For its 105th birthday, America’s favorite cookie was taking its long-running, hyper-successful “Wonderfilled” campaign in a new direction, focusing on “The Dunk” – one of the most beloved rituals in snacking. The brand engaged mega stars like Shaquille O’Neal and Christina Aguilera for a 360 effort to drive consumers back to the cherished tradition of dipping Oreos in milk. They asked Relevent to come up with a never-been-done way to dunk that would create disruptive buzz around launch.


Initial research told us that, over the years, people had found a lot of ways to dunk Oreos. But we created an entirely new one by employing cutting-edge technology: The Hands Free Dunk used brain-sensing technology to allow consumers to dunk Oreos using only their minds.

We created Hands Free Dunk stations – a six-foot long counter with a glass of milk at one end and an Oreo hanging in mid-air at the other. Consumers approached the station and donned a modified EEG headset that could monitor their state of mental concentration. Following instructions on an LED screen, the consumer would attempt to relax their mind, achieving that childlike state of “wonder.” Whenever they were in this relaxed state, our custom software would sense it via the headband and move the Oreo a little closer to them via a hidden overhead motor system. When they finally got the Oreo over the glass of milk, it would automatically dunk itself and then rise back up to mouth height, where the consumer could take a bite.

For the big launch event, we turned a space in Chelsea Market (the birthplace of Oreos) into the Hands Free Dunk Zone – with multiple Hands Free Dunk Stations and other ways to enjoy Oreos.

Shaq kicked off the festivities with a buzzworthy press event, and then challenged lucky consumers to one-on-one “dunk offs,” racing to see who could complete a Hands Free Dunk first.

Consumers could commemorate their experience by visiting a social sharing station to retrieve a video of their hands-free dunk and share it on their personal channels.

With 74 MM+ press impressions and 357K+ engagements on social media, the event generated big kickoff buzz for the campaign, and propelled the brand forward as an innovative thinker in today’s technology-driven market.



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