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My JEEP Story


The 75th Anniversary of Jeep represented a unique opportunity to create a compelling brand engagement platform. Ask anyone to share a memory involving a Jeep, and almost every person will have a story to share. The iconic carmaker wanted to create a platform that invited its hyper-engaged community, and the wider world of Jeep fans, to share their own Jeep stories – experiences that Jeep vehicles have enabled and tales that embody the spirit of the brand: freedom, authenticity, adventure and passion.


We developed a yearlong, 360-degree campaign, paced by month-long “Story Sessions,” each with its own timely theme tied to a cultural or brand moment, and driven by a different influential personality who helped to engage new audience segments.

The concept was simple: Record videos of influencers sharing their “My Jeep Story,” and then have them invite their followers to do the same. The videos lived on and on the brand’s social channels, creating a “virtuous circle” of engagement.

We kicked off the program at the New York International Auto Show, driving press coverage, exciting consumers about the program and gathering content from attendees. We activated consumer engagements both inside the Show and outdoors at Camp Jeep, including a special appearance by our kickoff influencer, Ciara. Ciara’s Jeep Story earned over 280+ million media impressions, building program awareness and setting the stage for subsequent “Story Sessions” that tied into the themes of Military Appreciation (featuring Noah Galloway), Fan’s Best Friend (in honor of National Dog Day and featuring internet sensation, Kasey Boggs), and Customization (featuring Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe of “The Bachelorette”). was soon full of a diverse assortment of consumer and influencer stories.

The program was further supported by experiential amplification mechanisms, including the Story Search Vehicle (SSV) – a high-profile, custom “mobile studio” for capturing Jeep Stories from consumers around the country. We also activated a My Jeep Story mobile barber shop in partnership with the Movember Foundation – a one day pop-up shop in New York’s Union Square that garnered 190+ million media impressions and raised money and awareness for men’s health issues.



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