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Call of Duty XP

Rewriting the rules for lifestyle marketing partnerships

If you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you see Jeep. The carmaker was a major partner of the uber-popular first-person-shooter. But they weren’t getting much out of the deal beyond product placement. They wanted to up their game and leverage the sponsorship to new heights by directly engaging Call of Duty’s massive and highly coveted audience around their shared passion point: adrenaline.


We used Jeep Wranglers to bring the heart-pounding excitement of Call of Duty to life for hardcore gamers at the Call of Duty XP convention in Los Angeles.

We transformed a 5-acre plot of land and an abandoned building into an 11-minute theme park-like thrill ride through a recreated Call of Duty mission. Man-made canals, ponds, mountains, berms and high-speed obstacle slaloms showed off new features of the 2012 Wrangler in a context that deeply connected with the target audience. Live actors, active duty Navy SEALs, stunt drivers from The Matrix: Reloaded, and massive propane explosions complimented an obstacle course only seen before in modern warfare and Modern Warfare.

The Jeep Ops Experience was the highlight of XP. Jeep capabilities were featured in a way never before seen by civilians. The engagement created lines 5 hours long and drove 13 million unsolicited social media impressions in the week following the event. An astounding 25% of riders asked to be contacted by a Jeep representative for more information about purchasing a vehicle.



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