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Occasionally Perfect Billboard

Creating Shared Experiences To Talk About Over a Beer

Heineken Light was not the go-to beer it wanted to be. Sales were dipping. Their new “Occasionally Perfect” campaign aimed to turn things around with the idea that while a Heineken Light might not be right for every occasion, for some moments, it’s the perfect choice. They asked us to amplify that message by building one-of-a-kind disruptive experiences that lit a fire under target influencers and spread far and wide online.


We created The Occasionally Perfect Billboard: Seemingly mundane billboards in on-target areas of New York and Chicago that said simply, “This Billboard is Occasionally Perfect.” Until they didn’t. Until the night we swooped in and turned those billboards into pop-up concerts featuring target right bands TV On The Radio and Broken Social Scene. Relevent created the perfect occasion for the occasionally perfect beer.

The activations generated crowds of 5,000 people with just 3 hours of pre-promotion. Heineken Light sold out at every bar within a 3-block radius of the concerts on the night of the events and brand sales were up 22% the following quarter in NYC. Additionally, videos of the concerts were seen by over 2 million viewers on YouTube.



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