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Game of Thrones: The Exhibition


Game of Thrones: The Exhibition was a marketing coup for HBO in 2013. The traveling showcase featuring authentic costumes and memorabilia from the hit show drew thousands of fans and breathless press coverage around the world. In 2014, HBO challenged Relevent to up the ante. We had to figure out how to sustain the momentum by taking fans deeper into Westeros than they’d ever been. The goal was to reignite the fan base, drive coverage and conversation, and maximize viewership for Season 4.


We worked with HBO to line up almost a dozen stops spanning the globe, including Rio, Oslo, SXSW and New York City for premiere night. Then we helped the brand rethink the exhibition and how to engage audiences before, during and after each stop. From what items to feature and how, to talent appearances, social strategy and PR outreach, we leveraged every detail to maximize buzz.

Key among those efforts was the development of an unprecedented interactive at the heart of the exhibition. "Ascend the Wall" became a groundbreaking 4D virtual reality experience that took fans on a journey into the fantastic world of the show; a journey that began with a rickety elevator ride 700 feet up the Wall and ended with surprise attack from the North. Relevent created the concept and then brought together cutting-edge virtual reality platform Oculus Rift with world-class CGI masters Framestore (the team behind the Oscar-winner technical masterpiece “Gravity”) to help realize the vision. We worked with the show’s creators to ensure every detail was accurate to their vision of Westeros. Finally, we added the finishing touch with 4D elements: high-powered fans created a whipping wind from above as the lift rose up the Wall; a rumble deck under the elevator simulated the creaky movement during the climb; CO2 jets blasting sub-zero air delivered the sensation of stepping out onto the promontories of the Wall. The results were nothing less than a revolutionary immersive entertainment experience.

The exhibition is currently touring, drawing thousands of fans everywhere it stops and generating massive local, national and international press and social buzz for Season 4 of the show.



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