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National Rollout


Help Drybar go from four store locations in California to a national brand with dozens of locations in multiple states.

Specifically, we were tasked with raising in-market awareness for new stores and driving traffic around store launches, taking into account market nuances and local target consumption behavior.


We deployed a bottom-up campaign that reflected the brand’s unique personality and leveraged its whimsical iconography (i.e. the trademark ‘buttercup’ blowdryer and the grey-and-yellow aesthetic). We took it out of the store and onto the streets with a series of large-scale, guerrilla tactics that were tailored to the individual markets.

As the brand’s presence in the markets evolved, so did the tactics, which included: a larger-than-life blowdryer, which emitted hot air in cold-weather markets; colorful street chalk-work and sand art; street teams on beach cruisers; ‘Bouquet of Blowouts’ that included gift cards for free blowouts; freestanding Buttercups (blowdryers) that functioned like motion-sensor art installations, blowing hot or cold air on unsuspecting passersby depending on the season; strategic partnerships with like-minded companies, such as Yogaworks, Georgetown Cupakes and Rent the Runway; a guerilla activation using mops & brooms – outfitted with pictures of women’s faces under the bristles to reinforce and exaggerate a “bad hair day” –– placed around high-traffic locations.

Since first engaging with Relevent in 2010, Drybar has successfully grown from a Southern Californian boutique of 4 shops into a national chain of 43 locations across 8 states and Washington D.C., with more in the works. The brand’s products are now sold in hundreds of major beauty retail outlets around North America, they recently launched a popular “Dry on the Fly” mobile on-demand service, and their rapid growth continues to accelerate.



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