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Addressable Advertising Launch

Give the People What They Want

DIRECTV was rolling out a super-hot new product: Addressable Advertising. The platform promised to finally merge the power of television advertising with the acute targetability of digital advertising. In order to launch this product into the media-buying market to excite potential customers, they had to make a splash and drive home the power of targeting. And they wanted to do it during TV upfronts week - a space they had never played in before. A traditional upfront event would not suffice.


We created a vision of advertising’s future with a simple-yet-innovative theme for the night: “Give the People What They Want.” We started with buzzworthy invitations driving to a website RSVP that asked a few questions about each invitees’ personal preferences. Then we used that information to deliver a deeply personalized experience that manifested the power of Addressable Advertising in a physical way.

We developed a completely new, proprietary technology to allow multiple personalized touchpoints throughout the night: bracelets that used both passive RFID technology to trigger custom experiences and active XBee technology to allow remote triggering of lights inside of bracelets. This gave us the power to tailor every touch point to the desires, personalities and preferences of the attendees. The bar knew your favorite drink. The TVs knew your favorite movie. The lounge walls changed to your favorite color. All triggered automatically by your bracelet. During the keynote, DIRECTV speakers used the bracelets to call out specific audience segments -- from dog owners to Jets fans -- as their bracelets lit up, showing the power of targeting in a very personal way. During the hour-long Calvin Harris DJ set, visitors’ bracelets would light up and blink to the music during their favorite song.

For five hours, 300 guests were transported into the future of advertising. They not only learned about Addressable Advertising, they physically experienced it.



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