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XT5/Public School Reveal


Deliver a two-pronged, one-night event for Cadillac that would:

A) Announce Cadillac’s new collaboration with fashion designers Public School.

B) Create a spectacular, press-worthy tease of the upcoming launch of Cadillac’s new XT5 crossover.


We created an immersive Cadillac-branded Fashion Week party that featured multiple bars, lounges, seating areas and a stage. There, with fashionistas, influencers and other on-target guests in attendance, Cadillac announced its collaboration with Public School.

At the peak of the night’s festivities, we delivered a one-of-a-kind fashion show that reflected the brand’s “Dare Greatly” ethos.

Our runway: The New York City skyline.

Our model: The never-before-seen XT5, suspended beneath a soaring helicopter.

It was a Herculean logistical feat that required collaboration with the NYPD, the NYC Mayor’s Office, the Coast Guard, the FAA, a barge company, two pier operators and a 28-person camera crew.

The response and reception was nothing short of staggering:

+ 129 Top-Tier Stories
+ 456,000,000 Media Impressions
+ 961,000 Broadcast Impressions
+ 6,000,000 Social Media Impressions
+ 79% Increase in XT5 mentions

…and numerous positive reviews across publications, including:
AdAge, GQ Magazine, Edmunds, Tech Times, Highsnobiety, USA Today, Eyewitness News, ABC Eyewitness News and Fox News Morning.

Bloomberg Business called it, “The best publicity stunt of the year.”



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