Experiential in the Age of COVID and Beyond

From Distanced to Distributed to Disruptively Empathetic

Yes, the coronavirus has changed the experiential industry - in many cases bringing it to a screeching halt.

But it hasn’t changed human nature.

People still crave deeper connection - to see and be seen, to touch and feel, to make new stories and be part of bigger things. No marketing channel creates those deeper
connections better than experiential.

We have already begun the work to evolve experiential to meet the challenge of the pandemic. But we also have our eyes keenly on the future and the larger societal shifts that will be with us long after a vaccine arrives.

Read our white paper for insights on how to think about - and leverage - the power of experiential marketing in the age of COVID and beyond.

Download White Paper

Download White Paper

Read the case study on our latest project The Greens and how it was designed to reinvigorate NYC’s Seaport with social distancing.



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