We are Relevent


We are founded on the power of The Real and built for the age of experiences.

Like the generation driving this new era, we value the authentic, the immersive, the never-been-done.

We begin with a deep focus on understanding people, their lives and needs.

We then translate those insights into groundbreaking experiences that intertwine their life stories with the stories of our clients’ brands.

Our nimble amplification strategies ensure those stories echo loudly across culture. ​

Meet the Team

  • H. Tony Berger

    CEO & Founder
    First in, last out. Tony eats, sleeps and breathes Never Been Done. Some wear many hats. Tony wears them all. Unflappable Captain. Straight Shooter. Powered by spray cheese and Red Bull.
  • Chelsea Wilson

    Managing Dir., Relevent West
    Chelsea is a laid-back Cali girl who also sweats the small stuff. She takes impossible ideas and turns them into practical reality. She knows how much a production will cost, and how many sandwiches we’ll need for lunch. She also opened our West Coast office. Boss of Budgets. Worldly Woman. Seeker of New Adventures.
  • Claire Annas Keaveney

    VP, Accounts
    Claire is brand accelerant – everything she touches gets big, fast. She relentlessly pushes our teams and our clients to find more innovative strategies, more unprecedented ideas and more exciting ways to bring them to life. Queen of New Business. Badass Bouncer. Lover of Bulldogs.
  • Ian Cleary

    VP, Innovation & Ideation
    Merging immersive storytelling with new technology and a touch of the unexpected, Ian aims to transform every concept into a cultural phenomenon. Brand raconteur. Applied Futurist. Frontier Lakesman.
  • Andrew Levy

    Head of Experiential Design
    Trained-architect-turned-designer, Andrew creates concepts on the digital screen and turns them into physical reality with the help of his meticulous craftsmen. World Builder. Master Designer. Quiet Thrill Seeker.
  • Naomi Ratner

    Account Director
    A potent mix of enthusiasm and honesty, Naomi is our resident collaboration catalyst—she unites the client’s vision with our skills and expertise for amazing results. Trusted Ally. Keeper of The Company Culture. Harry Potter Fangirl.
  • Sutherland Jones

    Senior Production Manager
    Even the best ideas don’t matter if they don’t get made. Sully makes sure they do. He exists where the rubber meets the road, getting his hands dirty building and operating mind-blowing experiences around the world. Onsite Overseer. Man of Action. Gear Head.


  • Consumer-Centric Strategy

    Our approach in four words: Make people’s lives better. Even if for a few moments. Do that with your marketing (and by marketing, we mean “everything your brand does in the world”) and success will follow.
  • Breakthrough Creative

    We’re in the “holy shit!” business. From one-off stunts to decade-long platforms, we have a unique track-record of strategically driven never-been-dones that make jaws drop.
  • Experiential Platform Development

    A great experiential platform begins with understanding fundamental human truths and having a compelling vision of the future. But it’s not enough to just see it, you also have to realize it. We see where culture is going and beat it to the pass.
  • Experience Design, Production & Activation

    Flawless execution sets us apart, and that means getting our hands dirty. No matter how big the idea, we can design it, fabricate it and will it to life in the real world.
  • Content Development & Distribution

    Call it sharable, viral, whatever your want—people love content based on experiences. If there’s a “secret” ingredient for making something sharable, it’s making it feel real. From concept to shoot to edit to distribution, that’s the stuff we do.
  • Innovative Technology Development & Application

    As the saying goes: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." We strive to be magicians – harnessing technologies at the cusp to capture the imagination of the world and deliver never-been-done experiences to our audiences.
  • Experiential Retail Environments

    With more people buying things online, what’s a brick and mortar store to do? Fear not! We craft experiences that compel shoppers to visit, explore, engage and buy.
  • Mobile Environments & Experiences

    Put your phone away. Mobile to us means it moves. We love things that have wheels, sails or wings. We’ve created every imaginable type of branded mobile vehicle to bring breakthrough experiences to consumers, whether on sea, air or land.
  • Music & Entertainment Marketing

    We know music. From putting on killer A-List shows, licensing tracks or activating around concerts and festivals, we get the ins and outs of how rhythm and melody can deliver ROI.



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